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January 17th-19th, 2008 at the

Conference Schedule

The Cuny Phonology Forum and the Graduate Program in Linguistics at the CUNY Graduate Center cordially invite all participants in the Syllable Conference to attend a reception, which will be offered simultaneously with Poster Session 1, starting immediately after Paper Session 3, in the Linguistics and Speech and Hearing lounge on the 7th floor.
Thursday, January 17 9:30–11:00 am Paper Session 1, Segal Theatre
       Session Chair, William Idsardi, University of Maryland
9:00 Registration
9:30 François Dell EHESS-CNRS, Paris Singing In Tashlhiyt Berber, A Language That Allows Vowel-Less Syllables
10:00 Catherine O. Ringen¹ and Robert Vago² ¹University of Iowa and ²Queens College and The Graduate Center, CUNY Geminates And Syllable Structure
10:30 Patricia Shaw University of British Columbia Constraints On The Sequencing And Syllabification Of Obstruents
11:00–11:15     Coffee Break
11:15–12:00 Invited Speaker Donca Steriade, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Metrical Evidence for an Interlude Theory of Weight
12:00–1:30 Lunch
Thursday, January 17 1:30–3:00 pm Paper Session 2, Segal Theatre
       Session Chair, Robert Vago, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY
1:30 Andries W. Coetzee and Kevin B. McGowan University of Michigan Allophonic Cues To Syllabification
2:00 Clàudia Pons Moll Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona With Regard To Syllable Contact And The Sonority Scale
2:30 Ranjan Sen University of Oxford Diachronic Phonotactic Development In Latin: The Work Of Syllable Structure Or Linear Sequence?
3:00–3:15     Coffee Break
Thursday, January 17 3:15–4:15 pm Paper Session 3, Segal Theatre
       Session Chair, Andrew Nevins, Harvard University
3:15 Monica Palmieri Wagner and Valerie L. Shafer The Graduate Center, City University of New York Phonotactic Influences In The Perception Of A Consonant Cluster By English And Polish Listeners
3:45 Michaël Gagnon and Charles Reiss Concordia University Rationalism And Empiricism In Syllabification
4:15–4:30     Coffee Break
4:30–5:15 Invited Speaker Harry van der Hulst, University of Connecticut Syllabic Structure and Licensing.
Handout Here
Thursday, January 17 5:30–8:00 pm Reception and Poster Session 1, 7th Floor Lounge
Yael Neumann¹, Loraine K. Obler², Valerie Shafer², and Hilary Gomes³ ¹Queens College, CUNY; ²Graduate Center, CUNY; ³City College, CUNY Segmental And Syllabic Processing In Healthy Younger And Older Adults: An Electrophysiological Study
Toyomi Takahashi Surugadai University ‘Minimal’ Template Satisfaction - A Prosodic Analysis Of ‘Initial Gemination’
Viktor Kharlamov and Marie-Hélène Côté University of Ottawa The Impact Of Experimental Task On Syllabification Judgments: A Case Study Of Russian
Vsevolod Kapatsinski Indiana University Implementing And Testing Theories Of Syllable Structure
Parth Bhatt, Juvenal Ndayirajige and Emmanuel Nikiema University of Toronto Are Branching Syllabic Constituents Really Necessary?
Rina Kreitman Emory University To Onset Or Not To Onset, That Is The Question
Friday, January 18 8:30–10:30 am Paper Session 4, Segal Theatre
       Session Chair, Donca Steriade, Massachusetts of Technology
8:30 Registration
9:00 Iris Berent¹, Tracy Lennertz¹ and Paul Smolensky² ¹Florida Atlantic University, ²Johns Hopkins University Sonority-Related Restrictions On Unattested Onset Clusters: Evidence From Nasals
9:30 Azra Ali, Michael Ingleby and David Peebles University of Huddersfield Anglophone Perceptions Of Arabic Syllable Structure
10:00 Marie-Hélène Côté University of Ottawa Syllabification, Variation And Perception
10:30–10:45 Coffee Break
10:45-11:30 Invited Speaker Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Syllable in Speech Production Planning
Friday, January 18 11:30–1:30 Poster Session 2, a light lunch will be provided, 7th Floor Lounge
Inkie Chung Central Connecticut State University Syllable Structure In Korean Revisited
Handout Here and full paper here.
Kuniya Nasukawa Tohoku Gakuin University The Syllabification Of Syllabic Nasals
Clàudia Pons Moll Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona The Sonority Scale: Categorical Or Gradient?
Eva Smolka, Joana Cholin and Manuel Carreiras University of La Laguna Syllable Production In Cued Speech
Friday, January 18 1:30–3:00 pm Paper Session 5, Segal Theatre
       Session Chair, to be announced
1:30 Bridget Samuels Harvard University A String Theory Of Syllables
2:00 Stuart Davis¹ and Karen Baertsch² ¹Indiana University, ²Southern Illinois University at Carbondale On The Relationship Between Codas And Onset Clusters
2:30 Shanti Úlfsbjörninn University of Cambridge (N′′′ = Domain) Syllables As A Type Of Possible Constituent
3:00–3:15 Coffee Break
Friday, January 18 3:15–4:15 pm Paper Session 6, Segal Theatre
       Session Chair, Gita Martohardjono, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY
3:15 San Duanmu The University of Michigan The CVX Theory Of Syllable Structure
3:45 Minjung Son Yale University and Haskins Laboratories Place Assimilation as a Function of Phonological Contexts, not of Syllable Position
4:15–4:30 Coffee Break
4:30–5:15 Invited Speaker Bert Vaux, Cambridge University The Morass Of Moras: Formal And Empirical Considerations Bearing On The Phonological Representation Of Timing And Subsyllabic Constituency
Bert Vaux's paper is cancelled because he learned that his airline had gone out of business when he arrived at Heathrow!
Saturday, January 19 10:00–11:30 am Paper Session 7, Room 9204/5
       Session Chair, Eric Raimy, University of Wisconsin
9:00 Registration
10:00 Amalia E. Gnanadesikan West Chester University Syllables And Syllabaries: What Writing Systems Tell Us About Syllable Structure
10:30 Maria Babyonyshev and Darya Kavitskaya Yale University Syllable Structure And Sonority: The Case Of Russian-Speaking Children With SLI
11:00 Jason D. Haugen Williams College The Syllable As Delimitation Of The Base For Reduplication
11:30–11:45     Coffee Break
11:45–12:30 Invited Speaker Paul Kiparsky, Stanford University Weight and Length
Saturday, January 19 12:30–2:30 Poster Session 3, a light lunch will be provided, 7th Floor Lounge
Jason Shaw and Adamantios Gafos New York University C-Center And Syllabification In Moroccan Arabic
David Eddington¹, Rebecca Treiman², Dirk Elzinga¹ and Mark Davies¹ ¹Brigham Young University, ²Washington University in St. Louis A Large-Scale Experimental Study Of English Syllabification
Agustina Carando CUNY The Korean Syllable And Moraic Theory
Charles Cairns CUNY The Modular Syllable
Handout Here
Eric Raimy University of Wisconsin Deriving Syllable Phenomena From Parallel Representations
Handout Here
Saturday, January 19 2:30–4:00pm Paper Session 8, Room 9204/5
       Session Chair, Dianne Bradley, Graduate Center, CUNY
2:30 Keiko Kuriyama and Jeri Jaeger Randolf College and SUNY/Buffalo The Mora or the Segment? Investigating the basic unit of spoken language processing through SOT data in Japanese
3:00 Fusa Katada Waseda University Word Reversing By A Person With Williams Syndrome: More Evidence For The Mora As Structural Unit
3:30 Joana Cholin University of La Laguna Do Syllables Exist? Psycholinguistic Evidence For The Retrieval Of Syllabic Units In Speech Production
4:00–4:15     Coffee Break
Saturday, January 19 4:15-5:15pm Paper Session 9, Room 9204/5
       Session Chair, Charles Cairns, Queens College and Graduate Center, CUNY
4:15 Anthony Lewis Syracuse University Reassessing Constraints On Complex Rhymes In English: The Phonetic And Phonological Status Of The Coronal Obstruents
4:45 Patricia Schneider-Zioga CSU Fullerton The Reconciliation Of Body And Rhyme: Bare Syllable Structure

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